Putting Technology In Your Hand 
  1. Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Satisfaction
    We stand behind our quality and workmanship, we only deliver our orders after inspection and approval. Our objective is to provide quality services and 100% satisfaction guarantee to retain our customers. We value our customers starting from quotation inquiry to product delivery. EM Solutions believes proactive management is our key to success.
  2. Technology & Capacity
    Technology & Capacity
    EM Solutions is committed to advancement of State-of-the art technology solutions, from manufacturing to finish goods with any type of projects. Our facilities utilize the latest engineering tools and practices to assure confidence in design, testing and production. We employ Just In Time delivery, and our dependability with quality is our priority. We have the capacity to accommodate the large volume project.
  3. Flexibility & Delivery
    Flexibility & Delivery
    Our company has been serving for the PCB manufacturing needs for almost a decade. The most advantage competition for a small business is being flexible. Our willingness to deliver projects in a short turnaround time, and a prototype build prior to start volume production are part of our commitment.