AOI and X-Ray

EM Solutions prides itself on providing our customers with top-notch quality products. To do that, we go through a rigorous multi-step inspection process. Each of our prototype builds is hand-checked by our qualified specialists to ensure no boards go out with any wrong or missing parts, incorrect orientation, solder bridges, or open solder.

For complicated BGA and parts, we X-Ray 100% of boards to ensure there is no solder bridging in these delicate parts. Unlike other inspection methods, X-ray imaging is able to penetrate into the inner packaging of a chip and inspect the quality of solder joints. With so many complicated parts having smaller and smaller solder joints hidden under the package, X-ray imaging has become essential to ensure the quality of PCB assembly.

For mid-sized production runs or repeat orders, we spend time making Automated Optical Inspection (A.O.I.) programs. This technology compares a “perfect board” with each board in the order. It is able to detect most major defects with a 85% success rate including.


Automated Optical Imaging (A.O.I.) looks for the following potential defects:
  • Area defects
  • Component skew
  • Insufficient solder joints
  • Solder Bridges
  • Billboarding
  • Excessive solder joints
  • Lifted leads
  • Tombstoning
  • Component polarity
  • Flipped component
  • No population tests
  • Wrong part
  • Component presence or absence
  • Insufficient paste around leads
  • Severely damaged components
  • Bridging